How to get above average results

Jul 25, 2022

 by LaMonte Reed

This month I’ve been talking a lot about next-level actions to get even better results from your fitness and health habits.

You’ve probably noticed a theme: it’s all about the fundamentals.

That’s because even the best ‘next-level’ actions won’t do much if you aren’t nailing your basics most of the time.

But what if you ARE covering your basics and want to ramp things up even more?

This is when you can turn into a mad scientist to find your own “secret formula” for supercharged results.

Your top tip for becoming a successful biohacker? Experiment with ONE new method, food, supplement, or other variables at a time.

If you change too many things at once and get a boost (or a downturn) in your results … how do you know what caused it?

Example: let’s say you start drinking a new superfood greens drink every morning … at the same time, you switch your workouts from night to morning.

Or you start intermittent fasting and cut back on cardio at the same time …, or you go on a major kick and switch EVERYTHING up all at once.

Suddenly, you notice your energy level changes; either it goes through the roof, or you can’t make it till 8 o’clock without your eyelids starting to droop.

How do you know what to credit or blame?

A simple way to start biohacking is to find your ultimate breakfast or lunch. Experiment with different meals for a few days to find out what keeps you feeling full and energized the longest.

I experimented to find my perfect breakfast for a busy, action-packed morning. The result: I found that eating a “real” meal (something I usually eat for dinner – protein & carb & veggie) kept me going longer than my usual oatmeal.

It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a HUGE difference in my day!

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